Toto, I’ve A Feeling We’re Not In Utah Anymore.”

CK at Shot Show 2105 Range Day

It was like a scene from the Wizard of Oz.

This giant tornado yanked our whole company right off the ground in St. George, Utah. Then it spun us around few hundred times and hurled us a few hundred miles away. But, we didn’t crash down in Munchkin Land. It was Boulder City, Nevada, just outside of Las Vegas on Range Day of Shot Show 2015.

Suddenly, Cobalt Kinetics was surrounded by dozens of other firearms manufacturers, ranging from small, specialty companies to the biggest names in the business. And we were besieged by hundreds of journalists, dealers, buyers and industry luminaries from every corner of the world. Not a bad place to be for a new company with new ideas and a lot to prove.

Our little booth was shoehorned into one of the side streets in the “vendor village.” But, from the moment we hung up our sign and mounted our rifles on the wall, we were greeting curious visitors.

We brought a bunch of B.A.M.F.s

We brought a bunch of B.A.M.F.s – hot off the inspection table – most with standard profile, 16” and 18”barrels, but we also showed a couple of way cool 300 Blackouts. Each gun featured a unique color combination, which included matte pink, red, neon yellow and olive drab, as well as metallic silver, red and blue that showcased many of our incredible finishes.

However, our real showstopper was a stunning, mirror-polished aluminum B.A.M.F. that absolutely sparkled in the Nevada sun and could command attention from miles away. Many of our visitors asked us to take pictures of them posing with this fabulous firearm.

Great looks are important, but once we started talking about our precision manufacturing and our innovative features, especially our patent-pending “DD” Dual Drop bolt release, something amazing started to happen. People started Tweeting pics and comments to their friends and colleagues. Soon, it seemed like everyone at Range Day was at our booth – and we didn’t even have a shooting lane!

We met so many smart, engaging and influential people who were genuinely interested in our company and our products. We formed so many new relationships that could ultimately help tell our story in the marketplace and capture the attention of gun dealers and enthusiasts everywhere. And the incredible social buzz our new friends created on Range Day really set the stage for our Shot Show debut.

All we had to do was “Follow the Yellow Brick Road.”

Thanks to everyone who helped make Range Day 2015 a raging success!

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