The Dual Drop Bolt Release.(Our Unique Solution Empowers Peak Performance.)

When Cobalt Kinetics decided our first product would be our version of the legendary AR-15, we knew we had to make it unique. The marketplace was already crowded with dozens of ARs, some built by the biggest companies in the business. And they all basically looked and worked exactly alike.

We wanted our AR to stand head and shoulders above the competition, demand the attention of the marketplace and The Media, and deliver a real difference to AR buyers.
So, we challenged ourselves to create the B.A.M.F. (Billet Aluminum Modern Firearm), which not only has unique looks, but also provides a unique solution to one of the ARs most frustrating operational problems.

That solution is our revolutionary, patent-pending Dual Drop, multi-functional bolt release.

It’s much easier to explain how the Dual Drop works and why it’s a game-changer for the AR platform, if you actually have the B.A.M.F. in your hands. It was amazing to watch visitors at the Cobalt Kinetics Shot Show booth pick up the B.A.M.F. for the first time, study it, operate it and finally realize just how revolutionary the Dual Drop really is.

But, since you’re reading about it, the best way to explain the Dual Drop is to compare the standard mag change cycle of a conventional AR with that of the B.A.M.F. Imagine you’re operating a conventional AR:

  • The bolt locks back – you’ve run out of ammo.
  • You hit the mag release button and the mag drops.
  • You bring the gun up into your workspace and reach for a full mag.
  • Your eyes leave the target and focus on the mag and the mag well, so you can insert the mag as quickly as possible.
  • The mag gets home and you start to re-acquire the target.
  • You hit the bolt release, which moves the gun off-target.
  • The bolt drops and, once again, you re-acquire the target and fire.

As an AR owner/operator, you’ve performed this cycle so many times it’s almost automatic. But that doesn’t mean it’s the most efficient and effective cycle, especially in high-stress or even life-threatening situations where every second is critical.

Now imaging, you’re running the B.A.M.F. with the Dual Drop. The B.A.M.F. forward assist button is also a bolt release button. And we’ve added an identical button on the left side of the Upper Receiver to enable true, ambidextrous operations.

  • Your finger moves ever so slightly to activate our extended, ambidextrous mag release button and the mag drops.
  • You slightly cant the B.A.M.F. and instantly insert a fresh mag – the oversized, beveled mag well is so easy to find, your eyes can remain down range and on the target.
  • The mag gets home and you immediately sight the target.
  • You release the bolt with the thumb of your strong hand, without losing the sight picture – the Dual Drop bolt release action always drives the B.A.M.F. toward the target.
  • The bolt drops and you pull the trigger almost simultaneously.

Whether you’re a right-handed or left-handed shooter, your strong hand drops the mag and releases the bolt. You only use your weak hand to insert the mag. The Dual Drop enables more intuitive pistol-style operation, far greater control and a far more efficient and much faster cycle.

Our Dual Drop is a unique solution. It’s the most innovative and most significant improvement of the AR platform in decades. No other AR has it. The Dual Drop is only available on the
Cobalt Kinetics B.A.M.F.

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