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Form should always follow function…except when that mantra overtly opposes art. At Cobalt Kinetics, sometimes we let form determine and define function. It is then left to our engineers and artist to refine and resolve how to bring our ideas to life


Quality control and assurance have become a constant and painfully redundant task in our shop. Every part we make is inspected at 5 stages during manufacture and assembly. Every receiver set and stock and handguard is selected from hundreds of other parts to fit perfectly. We enforce a zero-tolerance policy on visible surface defects and gaps between our rifle components. In Most instances, we sand, blend and mate receiver sets before they’re serialized together. We inspect every bolt group to ensure smooth, flawless, and reliable operation, and we scrutinize every barrel to maintain supreme accuracy.



At Cobalt Kinetics, frustration has been the soul of invention. Our blue-sky thinkers imagined design, features, and capability that did not… and could not exist. So, we had to invent the technology to support our imaginations. Our goal remains the same- and we remind ourselves at the start of every workday- that we intend to make waves. We aim to misbehave and disrupt the market.


As a matter of course, Cobalt Kinetics does not hire gun builders or gun-engineers-or even gun enthusiasts. We create and cultivate them. From our owner and department managers to our assembly technicians and finishing experts… our entire staff has been carefully chosen only for their ability to demonstrate excellence in their own fields of work. By this, our approach to design, manufacture and quality has remained untainted by the commonly shared ideals of the mainstream firearms industry.



Our innovative approach to solve recoil and to perfect the AR-15 operating system has lead us to create the best muzzle brake and the smoothest and most versatile buffer system on the market. These systems should not be considered a departure from the original intent of the AR-15 designers. Our solutions only represent a peak level of development of these rifle systems.


Our rifles’ unique geometry and control features exploit a shooter’s natural tendencies of motion and hand-eye coordination to create a rifle that is purely instinctive to operate; a rifle that can be loaded and reloaded and can make target acquisition and transition faster than any other AR-patterned sporting rifle.


Our rifles are crafted and tuned to a level beyond the expected norm. Every part has been selected and hand-fit by a single assembly technician. The Cobalt rifle should not be considered a “parts gun” nor a mule for aftermarket bolt-on parts. Our rifles are intended to be preserved as delivered; the whole of the weapon should be maintained to preserve the integrity of the weapon.

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  1. What’s the idea behind the two forward assist? Thank You

    1. Ambidextrous function- also those forward assist buttons are connected to the bolt catch. Upon pressing the forward assist button, the bolt catch drops and sends the bolt forward to reload the gun.

  2. Hello,

    We’d like to become one of your dealers. What are your requirements? Thank you!

  3. how r these firearms in competition. asking bc I am trying to get into shooting competition.

    1. Our TEAM and EVOLVE rifles are purpose-built for competition.

      Our Overwatch PRS and Overwatch-XL PRS rifles are designed for long range competition.

      Any of these rifles will work well for you and have been proven to be some of the best competition rifles available.

    2. These Rifles are absolutely amazing! You truly cannot beat the accuracy and reliability of the Cobalt Kinetics Team Rifles! Feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions at I will stand behind Cobalt Kinetics firearms as long as they are around.

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