Cobalt Kinetics Announces the Broad Release of their Accessory Lineup

Cobalt Kinetics Announces the Broad Release of their Accessory Lineup Contact: Skylar Stewart Cobalt Kinetics 435.656.0599 St. George, Utah  June 27 – Cobalt Kinetics, manufacturer of premium performance and precision engineered rifles, today announces the release of a broad lineup of AR-15 accessories. Cobalt has historically reserved the availability of their proprietary furniture and accessories – keeping these items exclusive to their own rifle builds. Due to popular demand, Cobalt is releasing their most requested upgrades for individual sale. The engineers…

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New from Cobalt Kinetics Skunk Works: “The 3-Gun Dream Machine”

Stage 2, CARS option

The Is this the best Competition Rifle? Meet the 3-Gun dream machine. Cobalt Kinetics presents CARS (Cobalt Advantage Reloading System). The best competition rifle… ever made. This exciting new platform embodies what is apparently a self-aware rifle. The CARS rifle automatically drops an empty magazine. Once a fresh mag is presented by the user, the gun will detect ammunition, and reload itself. All of this saves valuable time in the event that you’ve run out of ammunition. The CARS can be added to…

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Cobalt Kinetics Chris Kyle “The Legend” tribute collection at Shot Show 2017

Cobalt Kinetics “The Legend” tribute rifle collection is dedicated to Chris Kyle. Shot Show 2017 was awesome to witness first hand. If you have never been to a Shot Show then put it on your bucket list. And when you are there be sure to stop by Cobalt Kinetics booth. Not hard to miss with our amazing line of AR-15s. This year we had a major line of people to see The Chris Kyle “The Legend” Tribute line of AR-15s…

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American Shooting Journal “Kick Ass Kinetics”


STORY BY CRAIG HODGKINS If you look up “cobalt” on the periodic chart of the elements, you’ll find it listed at number 27, right between iron and nickel. But if you did a word search for “cobalt” shortly after the 3GN Nationals concluded earlier this year, your results field would have been full of number ones. When the dust at the nationals had settled – or more accurately, after Hurricane Matthew’s torrential rains had finally subsided – Team Cobalt members…

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