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BAMF in Blue: Cobalt Kinetics

Sometimes a new rifle comes out claiming to be the “next big thing.” We often hear the term “game changer.” Usually this is a load of hype and does not truly reflect genuine outside the box thinking. Recently we were able to check out a few ARs from a new company and… we gotta tell you, they may be literally throwing that box away. This is Cobalt Kinetics of St. George, Utah.
The AR15 is America’s most popular rifle. At last count over 500 manufacturers were pumping them out as fast as people could buy them; this isn’t a Bad Thing, as it seems to have produced a rush to make rifles that stand out from the crowd.
The most obvious entails a different stock, hand guard, rail, lower receiver or even the color, but Cobalt Kinetics caught our eye also with innovations in design and function.

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