Cobalt Kinetics firearms have been called many things since the initial release in 2015. People have alluded that our design was futuristic – even bordering on science-fiction. Although these comparisons and comments are indeed both entertaining and appreciated, the design language of the original EDGE rifle was only intended to be different. Just a mild departure from the “tactical” norm.

It is the mission of Cobalt Kinetics to please the clients and fans. So, without further delay, we release the “Flawless Victory” from Khaos Kinetics. This rifle is meant to be an overt statement- a shameless nod to our favorite Sci-fi movies and video games. The contemporary paint job would match the uniform of and intergalactic navy. And the addition of some unnecessary features seemed requisite here. Like the ridiculously rough textured buttstock- perfect for dashing out alien brains. The windowed receiver extension allows visual identification of the buffer and spring condition. And the barrel shroud – obviously meant the protect the user from the extreme heat generated by the expulsion of the matter-energy stream.

As much as we hope to actually create a plasma rifle, we must settle for the appearance. This rifle is indeed a Cobalt Kinetics TEAM rifle. It includes our patented dual drop control and our supremely excellent buffer system and brake. It’s also kitted with a stainless steel 1-8 twist match grade barrel chambered in 223 Wylde. Timney Trigger. Fully ambidextrous controls. It’s pure win. It’s as much a premium, practical match-rifle as it is a timeless expression of the Sci-fi genre.