Linear Compensator 7.62


Fits .30 caliber weapons with 5/8×24 threads

2.5” long and 1.35” wide

Weighs 6 ounces

Made from LiFe treated carbon steel

Includes a crush washer







Cobalt’s patent pending 7.62 Linear Comp delivers our signature aggressive appeal along with a degree of practicality and utility. Besides being able to deliver a brutal muzzle strike, it serves as an excellent flash hider and blast deflector. Ideal for pistols, SBRs, and duty or service weapons. Though created for .308 and .300 blackout weapons, the extra internal volume of the 7.62 Linear makes it extremely effective on  .223/556 weapons if installed with a 1/2×28 thread adapter. The over-sized dimension also fills the hand-guard nicely on short barrel or long  hand-guard builds.


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