7075 T651 aluminum construction

Finish: Cerakote OD Green, Gray, FDE, Black, Stainless

Weight 2.8 lbs

Compatibility: AR-15 patterned uppers, fire control, buffer, lower parts kit.

Length of pull adjustment – 14.25”-15.75”

Buttplate adjustment – drop from comb – 5.5”-6.5”

Based on Cobalt’s innovative rule-breaking Model 27 rifle platform, the Forged Upper Conversion Kit has been re-contoured to achieve a seamless universal fit on mil-spec forged upper receivers. The Forged Upper Conversion Kit will also work with most billet upper receivers intended for use on the AR-15 (AR57, ARAK-21, etc…).  It will accept all lower parts intended for the AR-15, to include lower parts kits, triggers, and buffers. The unique grip and stock configuration keeps the weapon 50 state legal while maintaining full utility and shooter comfort. The length of pull and drop at the butt plate are configurable to allow for individual ergonomic fit to enhance control and accuracy.

The Forged Upper Conversion Kit is supplied as a stripped builder’s kit- it includes all the non-standard parts required for its assembly and use (trigger guard, bolt catch screw, selector and takedown detent springs).  For builder convenience, the kit comes with the buffer retainer already installed.

The builder must supply the following items: Buffer, buffer spring, trigger, trigger pins, safety selector, selector detent, takedown and pivot pins and detents, bolt catch, bolt catch plunger and spring, magazine catch, magazine release button, and complete functioning upper receiver assembly.

Hex drivers required for assembly and adjustment: 1/16″, 3/32” , 7/64” , 5/32” , 3/16”

The supplied rifle length buffer tube is compatible with and intended for use with any rifle-length buffer system. However, a carbine-length buffer system may be used, if it is installed with an appropriate 2.6” long spacer.

CA penal code specifically mentions (SB-23, SB-880, AB-1135) and prohibits a “folding or telescoping stock”. The stock of the Forged Upper Conversion Kit does not fold and it does not telescope. It is an adjustable stock- at its shortest position it remains LONGER than a standard fixed rifle length stock. The stock of the Model 27 and Forged Upper Conversion Kit is to be considered featureless according to current CA law.


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