Based on standard model: TEAM

Extra Parts: Our FIRST forged receiver set. Also, FIRST universal fit Cobalt handguard on any rifle.

Substitutions: No Dual Drop, Adjustable stock

Extra prep and treatment: Machined lower to mate with grip. Machined handguard to mate with a forged upper.

Extra Paint: 2 color weathered Army green

Extra time spent in hours:7

Out of stock


This is the first forged receiver set from Khaos Kinetics- in fact, it bears serial number 1. It’s also the first gun to be fitted with our universal-fit PRO handguard. This rifle comes furnished with our universal adjustable billet stock, PRO billet grip, Pro buffer system and PRO brake. It’s a true performer. The aged “army green” cerakote is reminiscent of military equipment that pre-dates the M16.