Cobalt Kinetics strives to find new ways to push boundaries and challenge the status quo.  The EVOLVE starts out like any Cobalt Team rifle– with a perfectly matched, mated and serialized upper/lower/handguard set.

Then a selected kit of premium parts is installed on the chassis. The Cobalt PRO Billet Grip, PRO Muzzle Brake, Cobalt’s unique PRO Buffer System, AR-GOLD trigger, adjustable gas system and a full kit of ambidextrous and extended controls are carefully mated to the rifle.

The fixed EDGE stock is upgraded to an adjustable unit; made from billet aluminum.

The barrel on the EVOLVE is made by Proof Research- which is factually and demonstrably the best barrel on the market. No other barrel approaches the performance of the Proof.

Then the rifle is fitted with the CARS system. It’s important to note that each CARS mechanism requires hand fitting and timing- individual to each rifle.

The Evolve is not just a TEAM with extra parts- the sub-components of the EVOLVE undergo extra quality assurance steps- they must be perfect. The buffer tube is inspected for concentricity and internal surface finish. The BCGs are inspected to verify the bearing patches are smooth and straight and that zero surface defects are visible.

The trigger is inspected to verify it does not exhibit any wobble and that it has a smooth feel. Cobalt Kinetics is proud to say that around 20% of these parts- sourced from renowned, quality manufacturers, do not pass muster to be included on the EVOLVE. This is no indication of inferior parts; only an indication of a superior rifle. In terms of accuracy, handling and performance, this rifle is  without equal. The EVOLVE is a transcendent step in the evolution of the AR-15.


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