Cobalt Kinetics PRO-XL Muzzle Brake

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2 reviews for Cobalt Kinetics PRO-XL Muzzle Brake

  1. Jeff G.

    Finally got to try this out. Wow!! Tamed my RPR 6.5 – sorry just getting into long range shooting, hard to justify the cost of the Overwatch. But, after seeing how this (small) piece of equipment changed/lessened recoil for the better, might have to get myself a Overwatch PRS for my birthday!

    • matt hamilton

      We Would love to help you out with this. Give us a call or stop by your local shop when your ready, if they don’t have one we can send one to them.

  2. Kyle

    I can’t wait to get this product I have only heard great things. Looking forward to putting this on my 6.5 creedmore build

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