Cobalt Kinetics Adjustable Billet Stock


Total length from lower receiver, 10.25- 11.35 inches.

Total drop from bore axis, 4.1- 5.1 inches.

Weight, 18.8 ounces.

Receiver Extension/Buffer Tube Included





Cobalt’s Adjustable Billet Stock provides the ultimate in balance, ergonomics, and aggressive appeal to your rifle. Cobalt’s engineers have gone to great effort to develop a stock that is more than just good looks. They calculated the stock’s geometry to enhance comfort, control, and handling characteristics of your rifle. The overall weight and weight distribution shift the rifle’s balance point closer to the shooter to speed transitions and reduce arm fatigue. The stock’s fit can be adjusted to fit the shooter perfectly in order to improve the shooting experience and performance.


The Adjustable Billet Stock fits up cleanly to all forged and most billet receiver types. The comb height is slightly higher than a standard stock, and is ideal for all shooters and optic or sight configurations. The butt plate is adjustable up to 1.1 inches for length of pull and 1 inch for drop. The stock kit includes a specially prepared buffer tube, mounting screw, and required tools for adjustment. It is finished in armor black cerakote.


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