Cobalt Kinetics Pro Billet Grip

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Compatibility: Any AR-15 or AR-10 Patterned Weapon
Material: 7075 Billet Aluminum
Finish: Armor Black Cerakote
Model: A002

  • Improve Comfort
  • Reduce Wrist Fatigue
  • Improve Trigger Control
  • Improve Accuracy
  • 3.9″ Long
  • 4.8 Ounces


The Pro Billet Grip is now available as a standalone accessory to upgrade any AR-patterned weapon. This is the same grip featured on our TEAM model rifles – the rifles used and endorsed by 4 of the world’s best 3-Gun Nation competitors.

A Superior Billet Grip

Cobalt Kinetics consulted with an orthopedist in the development of the Pro Billet Grip’s angle and contour – no other manufacturer of AR grips has made that claim. Our billet grip provides for better trigger control and improved wrist and arm positioning. The extra mass in the grip serves to shift the rifle’s balance point closer to the shooter. The result is better handling and inherent accuracy from your rifle. We confidently and authoritatively submit that our grip is the best grip available for the AR-15; and a necessary improvement for any shooter seeking tactical superiority.

1 review for Cobalt Kinetics Pro Billet Grip

  1. Eric

    I have a couple Cobalt Stealth pistols with this grip and love them, so I bought one and added it to my BAMF rifle that did not come with one. The grip is perfect. The fit and feel are top notch, the grip angle is ideal for a modern stance, and the finish is superbly done.

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