AR15 30 Round Magazine



These magazines are made for us by Mission First Tactical. We guarantee these magazines will perform very well with any applicable Cobalt Kinetics Firearm. These magazines are preferred for use with the CARS Mechanism

30 round 5.56 NATO magazine engineered as an enhancement of the standard STANAG design. The stipple texture, low profile front ribs and flared floor plate aid in extraction and handling. The floor plate provides drop protection, has a paint pen dot matrix area for easy identification marking and is compatible with tight double and triple magazine pouches. Two fully functional drain holes ensure full and proper draining. Simple toolless disassembly with double floor plate safety release tabs allows user to safely release spring tension during disassembly and quick ammo dumps. Long-life stainless steel spring and four-way anti-tilt follower ensure reliable feeding. Oversized bolt catch notch in the rear of the magazine provides enhanced reliability of the bolt catch operation. Quality and consistency are ensured by using a specially developed, reinforced and super tough polyamide.

● Stipple texture
● Low profilie ribs front texture
● Flared floor plate

● Paint pen dot matrix floor plate

● Drain holes
● Oversized bolt catch
● Long-life stainless steel spring
● Four-way anti-tilt follower
● Quick ammo dumps


Height: 8.79″

Width: 1.125″

Length: 2.25″


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