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Not Your Granddaddy’s Semi-Automatic Rifle



The Twenty-Seven Sentry was designed to fulfil the role of service rifle for the discerning armed professional while offering a streamlined shape to facilitate easy transport and rapid deployment. The reduced height and natural ergonomics of the Twenty-Seven make it capable when shooting around obstacles. The overall balance of the Twenty-Seven is far to the rear- mostly in the “trigger” hand. As such, the forward hand is free to perform any task; to open a door, retrieve a sidearm or a less-lethal alternative like a taser or gas canister. The 15” M-lok handguard is adaptable to suit any mission or purpose- while 21” of picatinny rail on top provides for limitless sighting options. A light contour Chrome-moly, nitride finished, 5.56 NATO barrel is standard kit on the Sentry. The Sentry rifle features a slick-side upper receiver in favor of reduced overall weight and bulk.

Stage 1 is furnished with Mil-spec controls and operating system to meet the general requirements for most departments and agencies.

Stage 2 gets ambidextrous controls, an improved single-stage adjustable trigger, billet dust cover and an Edge Muzzle Brake.

1 review for 27 SENTRY

  1. John

    This rifle is great! I was shooting and hitting 450 to 500yrds first time out! Feels great in the hand. Way better than any California legal crap that can be added to any AR. I take a lot of AR courses and I have to say I didn’t miss my pistol grip at all. Running, mag changes, all positions felt normal. Super happy with my purchase.

    • Skylar Stewart

      Thanks for the feedback John. We’re glad you like your Sentry!

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