Cobalt Kinetics PRO Muzzle Brake Installation Instructions

Cobalt Kinetics PRO Muzzle Brake Installation Instructions


  • The Cobalt Kinetics Pro Muzzle Brake must only be used on weapons chambered in .22 caliber (.223/5.56mm).
  • Cobalt Kinetics recommends that any accessory be install by a professional armorer.
  • Use of the included shim kit is highly recommended. Do not use a crush washer as damage or failure of the brake may result.
  • Before handling any weapon, ensure that the rifle is unloaded and safe.
  • Always use hearing and eye protection when discharging any weapon.


Installation Instructions:

    1. Before removing or installing any muzzle device, secure the BARREL or barrel extension (not the upper receiver as it my damage the receiver)
    2. Ensure that the threads and shoulder of both the barrel and Pro Muzzle Brake are clean and free from any dust, debris, dried locking compound or rust.
    3. Using included shim kit, install the thickest spacer first followed by the thinner spacers as required to achieve proper timing or orientation. The brake ports should be aligned in the horizontal to the plane of the weapon so that the excess gasses are vented to the sides.
    4. When torqueing the brake onto the barrel, the wrench should be placed on the rearmost flat of the brake closest to the threaded end behind the first array of ports.


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