Dual Drop

Dual Drop


Cobalt’s patented Dual Drop mechanism is expanding the functionality of the classic AR-15 platform.  First, the Dual Drop adds a second forward assist control- mirrored on the left side of the upper receiver and mechanically connected to the right side assist and the bolt catch. By pressing either forward assist, the bolt is released to reload the rifle.


Dual Drop improves weapon handling and reload speed. We put the system’s controls within reach of the thumb of the shooting hand. Operation is as familiar and instinctive to operate as the slide release on a pistol.  After a reload, the forward hand takes control of the forearm while simultaneously, the shooter’s thumb releases the bolt. From an empty, locked open condition, a Dual Drop-equipped rifle can be reloaded and back on target faster than traditional AR-15s. We have recorded up to .52 seconds faster than a conventionally equipped rifle.


Our rifles can be reloaded more safely than any other AR-15. The rifle is kept under control and pointing at the target while the bolt is released, and the trigger finger can remain indexed and ready until the shooter decides to fire. Aftermarket “bolt-on” controls, that require use of the trigger finger, have not been proven to speed operation. And these devices may encourage unsafe habits as the trigger finger searches for new and alternative control surfaces. With the Cobalt Dual Drop, the trigger finger’s only task remains that of firing the weapon.

6 thoughts on “Dual Drop

  1. Picked up my first cobalt AR this week. As far an AR rifle, this i will say is the best elaborate weapons system I have ran across as of today…the machine work and design with dual operation components are out standing. The only thing that would make my rifle any better would be if it was in Tennessee orange and white lol.

    1. We can do that for you through the custom shop here at Cobalt Kinetics. If you want to change the color or on your next one. Check out our site for some of the custom work we have done.

  2. I handled one of these at Firearms Unlimited in Exeter RI- I have handled and fired alot if AR’s in my lifetime but the fit and finish on this one is I have to say is the absolute best. I dare you guys or anyone to make a better one. “Always Improve on Perfection!”

  3. I recently bought one of your uppers from someone and he had removed the dual drop system. There are no guts or forward assists? Can i purchase these items from you or send you the upper and have you install them?

    1. I have sent your email information to our service department. They will be reaching out to you soon.

      Thank you

  4. No other AR comes this close to perfection on the market today. Fit, finish, function far surpass anything else, and dual drop means always having the drop in any tactical situation.

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