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Cobalt Advantage Reload System (CARS)

Cobalt Advantage Reload System (CARS)

The CARS Rifle autonomously drops an empty magazine and loads the chamber once an ammunition supply is present. When using a CARS equipped rifle, the user is only required to pull the trigger, and introduce a fresh magazine as ammunition becomes exhausted.  More time and attention can be spent on target acquisition and engagement, allowing for faster and more accurate shooting.  The CARS retains the standard operation of the AR-15 platform; the bolt catch and the magazine release are still present and operational.

When using a CARS rifle, a shooter’s speed and performance are maximized while limitations or deficiencies in handling skills are minimized. The CARS takes care of the mundane operations of the rifle- allowing the shooter to focus more on dynamic movement, target acquisition, and engagement. Even the most skilled shooter- now only concerned with the trigger and the target- will achieve a new level of performance.

Construction: All components in the CARS are made from S-7, D-2, A-1 and O-1 tool steels. All parts are coated in nickel-teflon or treated in LiFe surface conversion for ultimate surface hardness, lubricity, and service life. CARS is a purely mechanical system- no batteries, no sensors, and no delicate circuitry.

Cars Mechanism CARS Mag Drop

Controls: CARS allows the user to deactivate the magazine drop function by way of a simple switch. This option can be used in inclement conditions, where the user would not wish that his magazines land in mud or dust. The option to retain magazines also lends itself to training per the standard manual of arms for the AR-15. The CARS rifle retains all familiar controls and capabilities of the classic AR pattern. At any time, the magazine may be removed and replaced at any time to perform a tactical reload or to “top-off” the rifle. And the bolt catch is present and can be operated as convention would dictate. However, the CARS auto-reload feature always remains active. In the event of a cyclic failure in the rifle, and one must execute a malfunction drill or any other operation out of the intended order, the system accommodates these actions, and will reset once the jam is clear and the rifle reloaded.

CARS Magazine Release

Testing & Engineering: The CARS has been tested extensively and well-proven. 30,000 rounds were fired through four system revisions, over a period of 22 months of development. The CARS is designed to utilize most quality AR-15 magazines and can be adapted to most any AR-15 configuration- pistol, carbine, rifle, and any AR-15 based caliber. Throughout its development, we conferred with several government agencies and departments to expose the CARS to real-world practical demands; thus, perfecting the system.

All of our AR-15 style rifles can be upgraded to the CARS system for $800

CARS User Manual