27 Rifle


Not Your Granddaddy’s Semi-Automatic Rifle


Compact and Balanced to Deliver Fast Instinctive Handling


Hard-Hitting and Long-Range Caliber Options  


Cobalt’s Exclusive Developments Deliver Solid Competitive Advantage

Twenty-Seven is a modern approach to the traditional semi-automatic rifle. The Twenty-Seven delivers the familiar feel of a classic hunting rifle, melded with the utility and versatility of the modern sporting rifle. The unique lower receiver and stock have been carefully designed to deliver ideal comfort and handling while avoiding the legal restrictions associated with other semi-automatic rifles.  At only 5.5 inches tall from the bottom of the grip to the top of the optic mount, the Twenty-Seven fits in conventional gun cases and scabbards. The unique adaptable stock allows length of pull, drop, and cheek height to be configured to fit any shooter. The initial release of the Twenty-Seven offers four models, each in 2 trim levels to suit all types of shooting sports and applications.