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Dealer Partnership Application

WILSON PRECISION ARMS, Inc., dba Cobalt Kinetics (hereinafter referred to as “Cobalt Kinetics”) is accepting dealer partnership applications for its Dealer Distribution Program. Cobalt Kinetics is looking for reputable and professional retail outlets that are interested in a mutually beneficial business relationship.

If you are interested in Our Dealer Distribution Program, please submit the following:

  1. Completed and Signed Application
  2. A copy of your current FFL
  3. A copy of your current Business License or Tax Resale Certificate
  4. A copy of your current SOT (if you are Class III)
  5. Photographs of the outside of your retail location, including photographs of the store front, signage, and view from the street.
  6. Photographs of the inside of your retail location, including photographs of display areas for firearms, accessories, and apparel.
  7. Photographs of your shooting range (if applicable)

We prefer that you upload the above information directly into our website; however, we will also gladly accept your application and information via facsimile, email or mail delivery. Do not hesitate to contact me with questions, concerns, or for additional information. We look forward to working together.

Cobalt Kinetics
Office 435-656-0599 Ext 109 • Fax 435-213-1835

Attach Your Files and Photographs

Start Application

Do you operate a Retail Store Front location?

What is the name of the Retail Store Front?

Is your Retail Store Front open to the public for a Minimum of 35 hours per week?

Is your Retail Store Front easily identifiable from the Street?

Are you fully licensed according to Federal, State and Local Requirements?

Does your Retail Store Front have access to a shooting range?

Do you agree to disclose all charges to the consumer on Cobalt Kinetics Products sold at your Retail location?

We are committed to driving customers to your door, we are engaging in an aggressive consumer marketing campaign. We are targeting readers, listeners, and viewers from a variety of sources. We are targeting various magazines, radio and TV programs, and in various social media.

Business Name :

Phone :

Name (Auth. Agent) :

Title :

Signature (Auth. Agent) :

Legal Name :

Trade Name :

State of Incorporation :

Federal Employer I.D.# :

Address :

City :

State :

County :

Zip :

Company Email Address :

Company Web Site :

Address(es): of additional store location(s) :

Year Established :

Years at Present Address :

Years Under Current Ownership :

Annual Sales :

Owner(s) Name :

Owner(s) Title :

Authorized Buyer(s) :

Sales Management Contact :

Accounts Payable Contact :

Type of entity:

Applicant certifies that the licensed premise(s) are in compliance with all local zoning, federal, state and local regulations, and operates in accordance with all Federal, State and local laws regarding the sales and transfer of firearms.

Do you maintain a business inventory available for resale to the general public, security, law enforcement or military personal, of any of the following products: firearms, firearms/shooting accessories, duty gear, less lethal, security, or self-defense products?

If you answered no to the above questions, please explain the nature or your business:

License requirements include:

If your state requires a sales tax license, then please provide the number below – it is required information.

If you have included copies of the infoMATION below, it is not necessary to fill in the following information.

State Licenses:

Firearms License #/Permit:

Business License #/Permit:

Sales Tax License #/Permit:


Expiration Date:

State Licenses:

Firearms License #/Permit:

Business License #/Permit:

Sales Tax License #/Permit:


Expiration Date:


It is the responsibility of the dealer to provide all necessary licenses for the sale of firearms, which are required by their State and Local jurisdictions. It is the dealer’s responsibility to be well versed in Federal, State and local laws in the resale of firearms.

All dealers will be subject to M.A.P. and will be strictly enforced. A sales agreement will be signed when you are approved as a dealer.



This information is subject to change at any time, at the discretion of Cobalt Kinetics.