Khaos Kinetics

Khaos Kinetics is the custom shop within Cobalt Kinetics. The Khaos team is composed of two men; Troy Hamilton and Dave Lake.  The major focus of Khaos Kinetics is to regularly craft unique weapons based around the patterns and patents of Cobalt Kinetics, but Khaos is not limited to doing in-house work. Khaos will accept any weapon for alteration, customization, tuning and improvement, as well as cerakote finishing. The scope of what can be performed is only limited by your imagination and local firearms law.

Troy Hamilton

Troy is well known and respected in the custom car market. His paint jobs and bodywork have been featured at SEMA and in several magazines. To say he is painfully detail oriented is an understatement. His skills in custom automotive finishes have been applied to the custom Cerakote finishes on Khaos Kinetics guns.

Dave Lake

Dave has worked in many technical and mechanical fields; robotics, composite fabrication, tool and die, auto racing, and the manufacture of farm and food service equipment. He managed and owned a retail gun store. He’s a published gun-writer. Dave had always been a bit of a hobby gunsmith; but only after he began managing his gun store did he seek professional training and certification in gunsmithing. Since becoming a full-time gunsmith in 2011 he has provided service on guns in the movie industry, government agencies and militaries (foreign and domestic), and to a handful of world-champion shooters in several disciplines- multi-gun, precision rifle, IPSC, USPSA IDPA, ICORE, PPC, GSSF, Bianchi, and Bullseye. He has even turned some pre-86 machineguns into thoroughbred race-guns. He specializes in hand-crafted collector and competition-grade weapons of unmatched quality and performance.