Cobalt Kinetics And Allegiant Rifleworks Are Now Shipping “Glory”

Cobalt Kinetics And Allegiant Rifleworks Are Now Shipping “Glory”

ST GEORGE, Utah, May 24 – Cobalt Kinetics, a manufacturer of premium performance and precision engineered rifles, today announces that the first rifle in the Chris Kyle “The Legend” Tribute series, “Glory”, is now shipping.

Executive Director of the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation and wife of Chris Kyle, Taya Kyle says the Glory is great for any collection and welcomes the association between the Foundation, its mission and Cobalt Kinetics and Allegiant Rifleworks.

“The ‘Glory’ is pretty badass, in fact, each one of the four in The Legend series are cool,” said Taya Kyle, “I love the fact that Cobalt Kinetics in association with Allegiant Rifleworks worked hard to capture Chris’s spirit in each of these collectibles. They are all so different, yet each have a meaning. For any rifle enthusiast or American Patriot, they will be a great addition to their collection.

Best of all, each sale brings with it a benefit the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation that allows us to continue fighting for the military, veteran and first responder families and marriages that fight for us on a daily basis.”

“Glory” is chambered in .223 Wylde, and possesses all of the common features of a Edge model rifle:[]. It has a one-of-a-kind, custom hand-painted flag pattern. “Glory” represents Chris Kyle’s love for our country, and is a tribute to his willingness to fight for the glory of the United States.

Each rifle is individually numbered, and limited to a production run of 250 units. Customers purchasing “Glory” will have first dibs on the same number of the other models, if they so choose.

Proceeds from each sale benefit the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation ([]), a 501c3, to help support its mission; providing experiences that strengthen military and first responder marriages and families. The Foundation accomplishes this by focusing on marriages and the family unit by allowing service couples to reconnect through a range of programs – from a simple Date Night Out together, to full weekend Revitalization Retreats and its new program for 2017 – Mastering Your Marriage.


If you are interested in purchasing Glory, and supporting the Chris Kyle Frog Foundation, you can order one directly.

Phone: 435.656.0599

About Cobalt Kinetics

Cobalt Kinetics designs and builds firearms with bold aesthetics, cutting-edge technical innovations, state-of-the-art engineering and meticulous precision.
Cobalt Kinetics was founded because of dissatisfaction with the status quo–rows of the same black rifles on every gun shop wall across the country. The issue with “black rifles” is that there is little differentiation in the market and very little true innovation. Cobalt decided to change the industry by demonstrating that common functions can be upgraded through thoughtful engineering. Functions such as the Dual Drop and Cobalt Advantage Reloading System. Also, platform flaws, such as muzzle rise, can be mitigated not by use of a muzzle compensator but by innovating changes to the buffer system. These changes can be done while still creating a rifle that maintains both precision, durability and aesthetics. Cobalt is driven to create firearms that are more effective, more reliable and more rewarding for the owner.

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