New from Cobalt Kinetics Skunk Works: “The 3-Gun Dream Machine”

Stage 2, CARS option


Is this the best Competition Rifle?

Meet the 3-Gun dream machine. Cobalt Kinetics presents CARS (Cobalt Advantage Reloading System). The best competition rifle… ever made. This exciting new platform embodies what is apparently a self-aware rifle. The CARS rifle automatically drops an empty magazine. Once a fresh mag is presented by the user, the gun will detect ammunition, and reload itself. All of this saves valuable time in the event that you’ve run out of ammunition. The CARS can be added to any Cobalt Kinetics rifle an accessory option when placing your order. The combination of the company’s flagship TEAM rifle and this unique operating system create a rifle with an unmatched competitve advatage. The long awaited release date is promised to be in the summer of 2017.

See it in action:

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— Michael R. Shea, contributing editor

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